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Welcome to KJ Floral Design & Events Ltd.  Please have a browse through our website and look at some of the items we supply.  We only show a small and varied selection of our designs on here as we believe that not everyone's wedding or event is the same, and we don't want our clients to think that the photographs on here is all we can do.  We specialise in tailoring your day to your specific needs and requirements and we hope that these will give you some ideas and maybe inspirations of how you would like your day to look.  We cater for all types of weddings, including same sex weddings as well as different faiths/religions.  Enjoy browsing and please do not hesitate to contact us further either by completing the form in the 'Contact's section' or give us a call, we are always happy to chat.

Bridal flowers

Bride & Bridesmaids bouquets

The design, style and flowers that a bride chooses to carry on her wedding day are a personal choice and will generally have some meaning.  The colour chosen could be her favourite colour, or the type of flowers used could have a significant meaning.  These all play a part when choosing what style to have.  You may want the contemporary look of a handtied of flowers or a more traditional shower bouquet.  The bridesmaids can carry a smaller version of the brides in contrasting colours and flower girls have a variety of options such as wands, pom poms or baskets depending on their age.  We suggest that the style is also carried through into the venue where this will seamlessly flow. 

You may decide on the simplistic look of a small handtied containing one or two flowers that can have the sweetest of aroma or even the elegance of lily of the valley or gypsophilia on their own can make a statement.  Not every bride wants to carry a full bodied shower full of mixed flowers and foliage, but whatever your style there will be a bouquet for you.  

Bridal party flowers

Bridal party flowers are available in an array of styles.  The same flowers will be used to compliment the bride and bridsemaids.

The grooms' buttonholes and his groomsmen to mothers of the couple to child bridesmaids. To have these all matching will have an outstanding effect in photo's.

Venue decorations

The styling of your event is important and the design or theme that you have chosen for your function can say a lot about you. We take pride in making your day look amazing whether it’s the WOW factor that you’re looking to achieve or a more traditional look.  Whatever your ideas we can replicate them by the clever use of various floral displays with drapes, sashes and fabrics in various colours can enhance the look.  We will work closely with you so that we achieve the look you want.  We will meet with you at your chosen venue for a site visit where we can discuss your requirements.

Venue flowers
It's always nice to have that WOW! factor when you and your guests enter the venue for the first time.  Flowers don't always have to be big and showy to give that effect.  Sometimes the simplest of decorations can enhance the space.  Floral arrangements in tall vases give the effect of height, so if your venue has high ceilings, these are always a good choice.  The use of different vases such as martini  or bud vases which are available in various sizes or even tall weeping blossom trees with lights.  This doesn’t mean to say that the smaller fish bowl vase which creates the simplistic look by the use of Gerbera's, beargrass and lights can give a good effect.  Whatever you use by ensuring that the colour theme is followed through, using the same variety of flowers throughout compliments not only the bridal flowers but also the venue.

Chair Covers

Covering your venues chairs will help you create a more luxury and elegant feel and will enhance the overall look.  Covering a normal plain chair will transform the look and by adding coloured aspects such as sashes or bands will continue help to create the look you require.


Decorating your Ceremony room chairs can give an intimate and romantic feel.  Follow the colour theme with sashes and by adding even the smallest of floral element such as a scented rose or lily of the valley on the reverse of the chair will give the room a wonderful scent as you and your guests enter.

Chair Covers Available: White Lycra 

Chair Sash Designs

The colour of an event is an important aspect of the day. It can reflect a lot of things, whether you are colour matching to Bridesmaids dresses, company colours or simply following a logo. Remember it’s not all about colour; it’s also about fabrics. Colour matching can be tricky so we would suggest using a swatch sample as manufacturer colour names can differ; what one colour maybe called ‘Pale Pink’ by one designer may also be called ‘Baby Pink’ in another!


Chair Sashes Available:

Organza Sash / Taffeta Sash / Double Sash Bow/ Double Sash ‘BUN’ / Lace Sash / Hessian Sash / Chiffon Drapes / Spandex bands with Diamante' buckle


Usually, the main tables at a wedding are seen by your guests throughout the day, having these decorated will enhance the overall look. The Top Table, Cake Table, Gift Tables or Guest Book Tables along with Sweet Tables are the main points of interest.  These Tables will be visited most frequently by your guests and need to look attractive.  It is always advisable to have these areas decorated in some way, swagging is an ideal decoration.  You can also incorporate flowers or foliage within the swags to create a more detailed look. There is also a matching Starlight curtain that can be supplied with or without swagging.

A top tip, remember that if the Top Table isn't decorated with either a swag or a garland on top then your guests will be looking at a blank tablecloth at the front.

Swags available in various colours and matching bows to co-ordinate:

Organza Swag / Taffeta Swag / Double Taffeta & Organza Swag / Double Swag with Hessian & Lace / Hessian Swag 

Venue Accessories


  • MR & MRS / LOVE Light up letters - available in wooden or white board

  • Rustic Wooden welcome signs

  • Rustic Wooden 'Order of the Day' signs

  • Rustic Photography notice board

  • Post Box

  • Lanterns with LED candles

  • Mirrored plates

  • Rustic wooden logs

  • Guest table holders - wooden blocks/numbers/metal hearts

  • Drapes / Bishop Columns

  • Flower walls

  • Light up backdrops

Sometimes adding just a little extra accessory can help carry your chosen theme throughout the venue.  You may decide on the 'Rustic' look, then why not welcome your guests with the wooden rustic 'Welcome board' so that they know they are all at the correct venue and wedding as some venues may have several weddings or events on the same day.  You can then follow this through with the 'Order of the Day' board so your guests are aware of what is happening throughout the day.  We supply various accessories for your guest tables and wedding venues.  These can be purchased although most couples prefer to hire them. 


We also cater for other events, such as birthdays, proms, christenings, engagements

Various Wedding Packages available

Please see our package page or contact us for style of package required

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